Send Voice Mobile Phones to Pakistan as Gifts

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Send mobiles as Gifts to Pakistan


Send Voice mobiles as Gifts to Pakistan


Missing home and your loved ones in Pakistan? Mobile phones can bridge the gap between you and the ones close to your heart and mind. You can gift a wide range of modern and hi-tech cell phones to your near and dear ones in Pakistan thus making their life more vibrant and comfortable. We will ensure that the mobile phones selected by you reach your family safe and swiftly. Send Gifts to Pakistan.

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Voice V950

Voice V950 US$34

Voice V888

Voice V888 US$30

Voice V850

Voice V850 US$41

Voice V710

Voice V710 US$35

Voice V700

Voice V700 US$38

Voice V666

Voice V666 US$27

Voice V610

Voice V610 US$32

Voice V560

Voice V560 US$27

Voice V555

Voice V555 US$29

Voice V550

Voice V550 US$29

Voice V540

Voice V540 US$34

Voice V530

Voice V530 US$32

Voice V520

Voice V520 US$25

Voice V470

Voice V470 US$28

Voice V460

Voice V460 US$29

Voice V750

Voice V750 US$35

Voice V630

Voice V630 US$32

Voice V80

Voice V80 US$105

Voice Xtreme X3

Voice Xtreme X3 US$108

Voice V55 (Warranty)

Voice V55 (Warranty) US$80

Voice Xtreme DUAL CORE 3G V50 (Warranty)

Voice Xtreme DUAL CORE 3G V50 (Warranty) US$83

Voice X5 OCTA CORE (Warranty)

Voice X5 OCTA CORE (Warranty) US$210

Voice V90 (Warranty)

Voice V90 (Warranty) US$151

Voice V65 Xtreme

Voice V65 Xtreme US$92

Voice Xtreme V75

Voice Xtreme V75 US$101

Voice Xtreme V70

Voice Xtreme V70 US$101

Voice Xtreme V60

Voice Xtreme V60 US$92

Voice Xtreme V30

Voice Xtreme V30 US$104