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Microsoft launches own Windows 8 tablets, one a full PC

  • Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called the tablets actual PCs because they are based on Windows 8. "The Surface is a PC...a tablet..and a new experience," Ballmer said.
  • Windows RT will run ARM chips, while Windows 8 Pro will function on X86 architecture. The ARM architecture is widely used in smartphones and even Apple's iPad, while Intel has been the biggest maker of X86 chips for laptops.
  • Ballmer spent time saying he appreciated efforts of various Windows 8 tablet makers with past PCs and coming tablets, but added: "With Windows 8, we didn't want to leave any seam uncovered...Much like the need for mouse [introduced with Windows 1.0], we wanted to give Windows 8 its own companion."
  • Analysts were concerned that Microsoft might rankle its tablet makers. But the news surprised some analysts, including Steven Osinski, a member of the board of the business administration college at San Diego State University.
  • "It seems to me that Microsoft, the sleeping giant, has finally woke up to 2012," he said. "If Surfaces works as well as Microsoft claims, here's a product that will give Apple's iPad a major run for its money."
  • Features in the tablets include a built-in stand, a vent around the perimeter to let off heat and partnerships with Netflix, and inclusion in the Xbox network, he noted. "This will be a threat to Apple's dominance in the tablet market," Osinski added.
  • The two covers with the machine are called a Touch Cover and a Type Cover, with the latter offering a touchball experience and the ability to touch type with resistance.
  • An accelerometer in the covers allows a user to never need to remove the covers to orient them for typing. Microsoft demonstrated how they can be attached and used, and offered reporters brief up-close demos.
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